Small Business Practice

Every business, small or large, needs the services of at least two professionals. Most people would agree that trying to run a business without an accountant is foolish. Unfortunately, the need for a second professional, an attorney, is not quite as obvious.

Many businesses consult an attorney only after they are sued. When they do hire an attorney under these circumstances, they often learn that the lawsuit might have been avoided had they consulted the attorney before entering into the particular deal that serves as the basis for the lawsuit. The time to consult with a good attorney is before you are sued. The cost to avoid litigation is far less than the cost to get a legal problem resolved. When it comes to legal expenses, as a famous marketing slogan for oil filters once stated it, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.”

The Ivie Law Firm can help your small business avoid costly litigation. We handle most transactional matters including:

  • Formation of the business, establishing or converting the type of business entity, drafting constitutions and bylaws;
  • Assuring compliance with federal, state and local codes;
  • Observing corporate governance formalities by conducting annual meetings and elections, maintaining up to date corporate records and filing annual reports;
  • Updating filings and reinstating administratively dissolved business entities;
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts, leases and licenses;
  • Protecting your intellectual property by registering trademarks, service marks and copyrights;
  • Preventing employment liabilities through employee agreements, written policies and handbooks;
  • Drafting and executing shareholder agreements, stock purchases, investment agreements, and asset purchases;
  • Overseeing the sale or dissolution of your business.

We also handle Civil Litigation when necessary to enforce your rights, settle disputes, collect debts owed or defend your business against lawsuits.

Why gamble with the reputation and assets of your business? The Ivie Law Firm can meet your business needs and help you avoid legal liabilities. Call or email to discuss your business - or use the Contact Page on this website.