Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is an attempt to settle a legal dispute between two or more parties. Unlike criminal cases, the result that is sought in civil matters has nothing to do with fines, court costs or imprisonment, but monetary damages or the specific performance for which one has contracted. A party that initiates legal action to protect legal rights is called the plaintiff. The party that is forced to defend itself against such legal action is called the defendant.

Whether you wish to pursue legal options because you believe you have been wronged or you need to defend yourself against legal action that has been taken against you by another, Ivie Law Firm, PLLC can provide professional representation. Our goal in handling legal disputes is to resolve the issues in the most cost effective manner. Occasionally, a matter may be resolved with a call or a letter from an attorney. Sometimes, unfortunately, a matter cannot be resolved except through more complex litigation including trial. From informal requests to formal lawsuits, this firm can handle all aspects of litigation including the drafting and filing of complaint, answer, motions and briefs, the discovery process through documents and depositions, and advocacy in mediation, court hearings and trial.

Examples of the types of disputes that may be handled through civil litigation include disagreements over the terms of a contract, landlord/tenant conflicts and personal injury claims including motorcycle and automobile accidents. Contact us for a free consultation to determine how we might serve your legal needs.