Criminal Law Practice

Unlike issues related to civil litigation, criminal matters may involve a client’s freedom. Even when this is not the case, criminal charges and convictions result in a criminal record that can have significant consequences. Whether you have been charged with a traffic infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony offense, you should consult an attorney who practices criminal law to discuss the potential consequences and available options that may reduce these consequences.


The Ivie Law Firm will treat your criminal matter with respect and discretion. Experience working with the district attorney and the public defender’s office means that you can be assured that your case will be handled competently and with the attention it deserves.

Among the criminal matters that the Ivie Law Firm can handle for you are: Traffic Tickets; Drug Offenses; Underage Alcohol Offenses; Assault; Domestic Violence; Larceny; Trespass; and White Collar Crimes.

When it comes to criminal cases, time is of the upmost importance. Failure to act in a timely fashion may result in you losing legal rights. Call today for a free consultation or use the Contact Form on this website.

Even if you have already settled your criminal case, the Ivie Law Firm may be able to clean up your criminal record so that a mistake doesn’t follow you for the rest of your life. See the website,, for more information.