Wedding Professionals

For many couples it takes a number of wedding professionals and vendors to create their perfect wedding*. With these wedding professionals and vendors comes significant expense.

According to, a website that tracks such things, couples in Wake County spend on average between $22,857 and $38,095 on their wedding. Durham County couples average between $18,407 and $30,679, Orange County couples fall somewhere in between with a range of $21,512 to $35,854.

Wedding professionals and vendors all have one thing in common; their clients have pretty high expectations. When imagining their dream weddings, they may have no idea how many wedding professionals it will require or the cost. But, they have a vision in mind. As a result, wedding professionals and vendors are often Wedding Professionalexpected to perform miracles and create wine out of a budget that only allows for water.

Randy Ivie knows a lot about what it takes to meet the high expectations associated with a wedding. He has worked in the wedding industry for years as an officiant, and continues to serve couples in that capacity through

In some ways, running a wedding business is not unlike other business endeavors. On the other hand, the service and products related to a wedding are unique. For one thing there are not many repeat customers. That means the job has to be done right the first time. There is little chance to fix something that goes wrong.

When it comes to operating a wedding business, the Ivie Law Firm can help wedding professionals:

  • Form, organize and operate their businesses in compliance with existing laws;
  • Develop policies and procedures that increase the likelihood of success;
  • Foster realistic client expectations through the use of comprehensive contracts, leases and licenses;
  • Collect delinquent payments and debts owed by clients; and
  • Defend against claims or lawsuits from unhappy clients.

If you are a wedding professional or wedding vendor, regardless of the goods or services you provide, Ivie Law Firm can help you successfully create wedding dreams. Call and speak directly with Randy, today.

*A partial list of wedding professionals and vendors includes: Wedding Planners, Consultants, Event Coordinators, Venues, Decorators, Designers, Boutiques, Dress Shops, Formalwear, Make-Up and Hair Stylists, Bakers, Chefs, Caterers, Cakes, Florists, Lighting Technicians, Musicians, DJs, Sound Technicians, Officiants, Ministers, Photographers, Videographers, Travel Agents, Chauffeurs, Limousines, Bartenders, Rentals, Invitations, Announcements and Calligraphers.