Click It or Ticket

Thanksgiving “Click It or Ticket” Campaign Kicks Off

NC law enforcement stepping up enforcement of seat belt laws through December 1st

The NC Governor’s Highway Safety Program began its Thanksgiving “Click It or Ticket” campaign to catch motorists that fail to buckle up over the holiday. Radio and print announcements sponsored by the NC Department of Click It or TicketTransportation have been published to communicate the emphasis. The announcements warns motorist not to be a turkey and states that a ticket for violation of the seatbelt law can cost you $161.00.

This is the twentieth year for the program which celebrated its anniversary in May of this year. According to a representative of the program, the use of a seat belt during a crash “reduces the chances of suffering critical injuries or death by 50 percent.”

For the record, the $161 publicized in the ads, which includes a fine of $25.50 and costs of $135.50, applies to the driver and any front seat passenger. The fine for passengers riding in the rear of a vehicle is $10 for a total cost of $145.50. The infraction does not result in any assessment of driver’s license points or insurance surcharge. Under most circumstances all passengers are required to wear seatbelts, though the failure of rear seat passengers to do so does not justify a stop of the vehicle by law enforcement officers.

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