Underage Alcohol

Underage Drinking among College Students

While some consider alcohol use among college students to be a rite of passage, local universities have implemented efforts to make underage students think twice before imbibing.

Summer has passed for local college students who are starting classes, and there is evidence that at least a few students are hitting the books hard. Just two days into the fall semester the UNC Library tweeted with an attitude of amazement that students there had already borrowed close to 3,000 books. Even so, UNC and other local universities are not so naïve to assume that studying is the only thing on students’ minds.

UNC and NC State University both have implemented a policy that requires freshmen to complete an online exam that addresses the dangers of alcohol. UNC has had the requirement in place for the past 2 years. The online program, called AlcoholEDU for College, claims to significantly reduce the frequency of past 30-day alcohol use as well as the frequency of binge drinking (defined as 5 or more drinks for men and 4 or more for women within a 2-hour period) and the past 30-day alcohol-related problems such as drunk driving and sexual assault.

This year, UNC has raised the stakes. Students who fail to complete the online course and take the exam will be prevented from registering for spring courses until they do.

These initiatives are consistent with the changing attitudes towards underage drinking. Whereas in the past society may have deemed alcohol to be a rite of passage for college students, they now are under increased scrutiny. Police are far more likely to arrest students or issue citations for underage purchase, possession and consumption of alcohol.

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